Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thing 23

The Web Thing Challenge has been -a challenged. Lucky for me I had a partner (who is younger and more comfortable with technology) at the library. Because of the challenge I now understand more of the technology that is currently in the library, such as the scanner - I never knew how to work ours.

My favorite thing is LibraryThing, I have kept up with listing books as I read them, when I have some time I want to spend more time on this site. I have told every book lover that I know about this website. I also see where I can use and Google Docs for school. Speaking of school I wrote about the OCl Web Thing Challenge in one of my classes, we were talking about helpful technology for libraries. The response was great, many of my classmates said that there were going to do the challenge because it looked informative and fun.

What don't I like about Web 2.0? unlike this challenge which has an end Web 2.0 has so much stuff that I could never learn it all. And now there is Web 3.0!!! All I can do is learn as much as I can and have lots of fun doing it.

Thing 22

ListenNJ is a great idea. I listen to audio books when I drive, do housework, and when I ride my bike, so being able to download books would be great. The proble is-it was just too hard. I had many false starts and I think that if I were a patron trying out this new technology I may not have tried so hard. Once I got it working I was able to listen to Animal Farm. For ListenNJ to work the system has to be made more user friendly.

Thing 21

Here is a lession in why someone should look a head at the assignments, because in Thing 19 I said that I was not impressed with "Podshow" or "Odeo" Thing 21 changed my mind. I recently read the book Iberia from James Michener, the book was published in 1969. In Iberia Mitchener talks about his love of Spain and what is right and wrong with the country, he stated that if the country's power remains in the hands of the triangle consisting of the Church, the military and the land families the country would never modernize. Since finishing the book I have planned to see what is happening in Spain today. And there on was a podcast call Notes from Spain.

This podcast is done from a husband(who is English) and wife (who is Spanish) team and they discuss different aspects of Spain from food, business, culture and the Church. I loved it. The podcast that is linked here is about the Spanish tax system, and how each tax form has a spot where a person can give some of their refund to either the Catholic Church or for social issues. It shows that is some ways Spain has not changed much since 1969, but in other ways it has.

Thing 20

I decided to play by looking at library related things on YouTube. I found videos on how to steal a library book and many entries about book cart races. Then I went looking for libraries and new technology. I found this clip interesting.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thing 19

It was interesting reading the different categories for the Web 2.0 Awards. I was intrigued when OCL's 23 Things mentioned I tried it and enjoyed the music very much. When They asked for an "artist or song" I wrote Harry Chapin and Pandora played "Mr. Tanner" Next it played "Time in a Bottle" from Jim Croce (this was the theme song for my senior prom in High School). These are songs I love and never hear played on the radio.

Next I looked at "Odeo" and "Podshow" These disappointed me. Up until now the only podcast I have heard were from school, when I had to listen to visiting professors. These lectures were great and I expected to find that same level of speaker. Instead it was just the normal "Talk Radio" stuff which I do not listen too.

The prize winner I really liked was "Arcaplay" I love computer games- I will not admit how long I played Fast Food Fiasco.

Thing 18

Google Docs seems like a very useful thing. As a part-time library assistant I do not see where I could use it, but I am aware of a few projects the some full-time library assistants at my branch are doing that require sharing information with people at other branches. I think that Google Docs would be very usefulfor them.

I can see where I can use Google Docs at school. I am currently working on my MLS and each semester I have at least 1 group project. While working on these projects communication has been a problem. Each teacher has set up a group blog so each group can work together, but these blogs never seem to work and we always end up e-mailing each other. For my next group project I will suggest that my group try Google Docs.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thing 17

The OCL WebChallenge Wiki was fun, I got to play in the Sandbox and talk about a favorite thing, I talked about food. I wanted to put a picture in but I could not make it work, it kept saying something about an "OK" button but the only button I saw said "cancel" so I did. I will keep trying but because I have only 4 days and 6 things I must move on. I was able to ad the link from the Wiki to my blog. That took a few tries but I did succeed.